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About us


We are one of the UK’s largest distance learning businesses. But we believe in the personal touch. We are run by people, not computers!

Our students tell us they feel like they are the only person we deal with.

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They get astonishing results. Some say our courses have changed their lives.

That is partly because we believe:

  1. In your unique potential, maybe more than you do! You can reach your dreams. Our mission is to help you.
  2. You can overcome any problem with hard work, the right attitude, and the right help.
  3. You are important! We hope to form a great relationship with you, and share learning experiences with you.

Our history

Starting blocksWe began in 2003 with one course and one student.

Since then, we have worked with more than 2,500 students in 100+ countries.

They include:

  • people like you
  • FTSE 100 companies
  • renowned educational, governmental and nonprofit institutes
  • editors, journalists, PRs, writers and webmasters from some of the UK's largest media and publishing groups

We are based in Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom.


What is CTJT?

When we began, we were called Cleland Thom Journalism Training, as we only ran journalism courses.

See our first website We have changed a bit since 2003!

Clients soon asked us for courses in other subjects, like proofreading, editing and the web.

So we changed to CTJT, to avoid people thinking we only trained people in journalism.


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